Services for Installing New Floors, Bathroom Fixtures, Kitchen Cabinetry, Doors & More

Hardt Services is a company that provides installation services to help customers upgrade their homes. Their experienced remodelers can install a wide range of items, including countertops, windows, doors, and crown molding. No matter how complex the installation may be, Hardt Services can provide the necessary help. In addition to installation services, we also offer baby-proofing services to help make the home a safer place for young children. This includes installing gates at entrances and removing dangerous objects. To learn more about their baby-proofing services, customers can consult their Baby-Proofing infographic. If you need home repairs or upgrades, hiring Hardt Services is a reliable way to ensure a job well done.


Baby-Proofing: Hardt Services provides baby-proofing services to help keep your home safe for children. They can install gates at all entrances and remove any dangerous objects in the house. You can consult their Baby-Proofing infographic to learn more about making your home safe for kids.
Care and Maintenance of Countertops: Hardt Services can help you change out the counters in your kitchen or bathroom to transform the space. They offer a variety of materials for countertops, including laminate and butcher block. Contact them to find the perfect countertop for your home.
Procedure for Mounting Crown Molding: Installing crown molding can add elegance to any room, and Hardt Services' licensed and insured professionals are skilled at installing crown molding in various styles, from colonial to contemporary. Visit their dedicated website to learn more.
Assembly of Doors: Incorrectly installed doors can cause problems, so it's important to have them installed carefully. Hardt Services can install any type of door, including pet doors, pocket doors, closet doors, and storm doors. They can also paint your new door to perfection.
Fixing a Restroom: Hardt Services can help with bathroom renovations, including toilet installations. Contact them to see if plumbing services are offered in your area.
Repairing and Replacing a Leaky Faucet or Broken Showerhead: Hardt Services can locate and fix leaks, as well as install new fixtures such as sinks, tubs, and showers. Contact them to fix any leaking pipes in your home.
Laying Down Floors: Hardt Services can repair or install any type of flooring, whether it's wood, vinyl, laminate, or tile.
Mounting Guards for Gutters: Installing gutter guards can prevent expensive gutter damage due to debris and ice accumulation, and minimize cleaning and maintenance expenses. Contact Hardt Services to install gutter guards on your gutters.
Mounting Railings and Stairs: Installing handrails and steps can enhance safety and accessibility in various settings, including garages, pathways, basements, and restrooms. Hardt Services can install prefabricated railings or design a custom solution. They can also repair or install new stairs. Their services are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Electrical and Lighting Equipment: Hardt Services can help with maintenance or installation of light fixtures, ceiling fans, bathroom exhaust fans, dimmer switches, and smoke detectors. Contact them to learn more about their electrical services.
TV Bracket for the Wall: Hardt Services can mount your TV on the wall to free up valuable floor or wall space. They have trained professionals on staff who can safely mount your TV to the wall in accordance with all safety and security standards. Contact them to learn more about their TV mounting services.
Work on or maintenance of Cabinets: Hardt Services offers expertise in transforming dull and boring kitchens or bathrooms into showpieces through the installation of new cabinets. They guarantee their work and have been in business for over a decade.
Setup of a Blackboard: Hardt Services has specialists on staff to help install blackboards of various sizes in your home, kitchen, or playroom. They guarantee customer satisfaction and recommend reaching out to your nearest office for assistance.
Setup of Playground Equipment and Hoops: Hardt Services can help you assemble your playground, basketball hoop, or other sporting goods, whether you purchased them new or secondhand. They also have the ability to anchor the machinery into the ground for safety.
Power Savings/Tax Credits: Hardt Services can provide an assessment of your home's energy efficiency and offer services like insulating your water heater or installing a new showerhead to reduce energy costs by up to 20%. They can also help you take advantage of federal home tax credits.
Care and Maintenance of Windows: Hardt Services can fix up your old windows or replace them entirely to increase your home's energy efficiency and decrease monthly utility bills. Their experts are knowledgeable about a variety of window brands and models, and they guarantee their work.
Fabrication and Installation of an Awning: Hardt Services can install permanent or retractable awnings on your deck or patio to provide shelter from the sun's rays and the elements.
Setup of Shelving: Hardt Services offers a wide selection of shelving units for your home and garage, as well as personalized shelf construction services. They can help you become more organized and offer custom shelving systems to fit your needs.
Most Frequently Asked Questions About Home Installation Services: Hardt Services can help with home installation needs, from bathroom to kitchen and anywhere else in the house. They offer assistance with removing old toilets and installing new ones, and can also provide guidance on choosing new cabinetry or electrical fixtures. We suggest making a prioritized list of your needs when choosing cabinets, taking into account budget, style, and the overall aesthetic of your kitchen. The cost of installing new lighting and electrical fixtures depends on the condition of your existing electrical system and the scope of the work required.