Maintain Your Investment

Yearly maintenance isn't top of mind for renters. But it is for us: A semi-annual 30-point preventive maintenance service on all appliances and systems is included with membership.

    Routine inspection of property, appliances, structural conditions, and machinery
    Purchase and replace damaged materials, parts, and equipment
    Understanding mechanical systems and where they are likely to deteriorate or break down (preventative maintenance plan)
    Maintenance of heating and cooling systems, plumbing systems, doorways, windows, and roofing
    Acquire and maintain their own tools such as floor and power-washing tools, specialized tools, and service trucks (saving you the cost of buying or leasing these)
    Track and organize work orders via property management system
    Arranging for hiring of contractors for any specialized repairs/replacements needed
    Ensuring safety systems and fire detection systems are in working order
    Installing new furniture, cabinetry, ceiling fans, lights, fixtures
    Painting and graffiti prevention & removal
    Cleaning roof gutters and storm drains
    Cleaning and repairing signs
    Limited Landscaping and lawn maintenance
    Water damage remediation and prevention
    Energy efficiency improvements and upgrades
    Maintenance of common areas such as hallways, elevators, and staircases
    Performing move-in and move-out inspections and repairs
    Performing move-in and move-out inspections and repairs
    Conducting regular safety inspections and making necessary repairs and upgrades.
    Interior & exterior facade coating and painting and repairs
    Contractors for repairing/replacing rooftop and ground A/C systems (spiders, bugs, snakes)